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Stay Smarter
just watching YouTube

  • You are watching youtube on your iPhone or Computer.
  • You come across a topic that is worth remembering.
  • You immedietly want to write some notes, and attach a snapshot to it perhaps.
  • But, you want to make it an effortless, butter smooth process
  • I promise you, Tuberslab is the only way.

You would not even realise that you are building a powerful second brain.

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Leaders Learn, Retain and then Transfer knowledge effectively. We have incomprehensible amount of learning materials on YouTube, and an average human consumes around 3000 videos in just one year. But all of those watched hours are wasted because it is too much for our brain to Retain everything. The only solution is to build a cache (or a second brain) for what you Learn on YouTube. But, taking notes and keeping them organized for easy access is hard when it comes to YouTube. That's where TubersLab comes in. It makes Retaining the knowledge so easy, Transfering it becomes less intimidating. You take notes or time stamp videos for later reference. Once you have watched enough videos on a topic, browse your handy notes, bring it up in a conversation and blow everyone's minds out.

Einstein TubersLab
Einstein TubersLab

"Never memorize something that you can look up."

-Albert Einstein

TubersLab Success

You will Aquire an Essential Skill that has been a Secret behind Every Successful Person

Simple. If you can make someone understand something you learned, then you will make it big. Take all the rich people you know: Either they are good communicators or they had someone who is a good communicator. Take Steve Jobs. He did not know how to code, neither did he know anything deep about computers. But, he did know how to learn things from others, organize what he learned, and them explain them eloquently to others. That's how he became a leader. It has always been about story telling from the Stone ages. If You master that, then success is assured. It used to be Libraries where knowledge was stored, then Websites and now it is YouTube. All you have to do is, pick a topic, watch videos, take notes and then talk to others about it. We promise, opportunities will come banging on your doors.

TubersLab Easy

Building note taking habit is hard. But not with TubersLab

You don't have to look for a pen, or open another window or even use a mouse. TubersLab has made it so easy such that note taking is just few taps on Keyboard. So, your brain, which comes up with all the excuses in the world to avoid note taking, will have no reason but to obey. Even better, If you use our app, all you have to do is, tap on a button. Further more, exporting to your favourite Note apps like OneNote or EverNote is also just one click away. There are plethora of features included to make the note taking experience so much fun. If Homer Simpson is doing something productive regularly, It must be taking notes with TubersLab.

People will be more likely to conduct business with you when you are perceived as an expert or an Authority in the field. No one wants to deal with a person who portrays shallow knowledge on a topic or express their thoughts as disconnected points. At the same time, people are willing to pay more for who can articulate a complicated subject and tell it like a story. Taking notes and organizing thoughts before speaking will help anyone achieve this. That's where TubersLab shines.

What is TubersLab Notepad?

A small notepad widget that silently sits next to your YouTube video player waiting for your notes. You install it as a browser extension. It is FREE. Once you install that extension, you can use a companion app that is available for your phone to make note taking more easier. How-to videos, cooking videos, exercise videos - whatever you are interested in - You learn better & remember longer when you take down notes with TubersLab.

✎ Video will pause when you take notes, and will resume when you press Option/ALT key.

YouTube pause and resume whileNote taking
Youtube Screenshot and notes

✎ Press CTRL button to take a screenshot of the video or just tap the camera button on the app.

✎ Create a timestamp by entering a full stop without any other text. If it is an old video, then we will try to add some text for you.

Youtube take timestamps
YouTube Playback on Notes

Click on a note's timestamp to jump right back to the place in the video.

Read notes shared by others. And share your notes and get discovered.

Share note with others
Tuberslab Notes Portal

✎ View all your notes in a single place grouped by topics.

✎ Export your notes to Notion , Readwise or Obsidian with a single click.

Youtube to Evernote and OneNote

Every paid course out there is already on YouTube for free. We just have to be smart and use the right tools - We believe you are looking at one right now.

Setup in few simple steps

Step 1: Install Extensions

download extensopms

Install our extension for your browser.

The only permissions we require are the access to YouTube site and to our TubersLab servers. History is required because we are saving your login data securely in your browser. The whole source code has been submitted to the Firefox Review team.

Step 2: Sign Up

download extensopms

Once you install the extension, it is recommended to Sign Up for a TubersLab account. It is completely FREE and you will never have to pay for it.

This enables you to use your notes across multiple devices.

You still can take notes and save them without an account. But the notes can be accessed only in the browser that you took notes on.

Step 3: Download Apps

download extensopms

You can download our apps for your iPhone or Android phone

Thanks to our mobile apps, you can stay farther from you computer screen and still takes notes on the video (with screenshots too).

Step 4: Take Notes

download extensopms

Now, you will see a notepad showing up when you watch YouTube in your Browser.

We are sure you will be delighted to see how easy and intuitive the experience is.

Quick tip: If it is a long lecture you are watching, connect your laptop to the TV and take notes from your sofa with our apps. ;)

So, what's the catch?

Nothing, actually. This app has been created with the pure intention of increasing the number of people who use YouTube as a learning platform. We hope this tool will help you learn something new and get you to the next step in your life.

Two small points though:
It costs a bit of money to run the servers and we consider that as charity. But if you want to share the burden, feel free to contribute.

Become a Patron!

If we can't afford the servers then we will have to limit the usage per user Or find a new way to get some money. But, that's for the future. Now go and amaze your friends by explaining things you learned with TubersLab.

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